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For the best possible results on your windows in the shortest possible time, the result may be our pure water fed pole system. Using this, windows up to 35 metres above the ground can be cleaned quickly and efficiently without the need for climbing up, or moving ladders.

The secret of the result lays in the cleanliness of the water provided to the brush. By wherever possible using filtered, recycled rain water, which is far cleaner than the stuff that comes out of our taps, the cleaned windows dry to a streak free gleam without additional stages.

After long and detailed research, we chose the Tucker Pole System from the USA to give the most efficient and effective service to our customers. Here is what Tuckers have to say about their product:

"Pure water or water fed window cleaning techniques are an alternative to traditional window cleaning methods. Instead of using ladders or lifts to reach high windows, pure water window cleaners utilise telescoping poles up to 70ft and beyond. The poles are fitted with a brush to agitate and remove surface grime and impurities. Pure water is delivered up the pole to the brush head via a narrow hose. The pure water washes away surface dirt and dries spot free, eliminating the need to squeegee."

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