Envirotec Solutions - Patio, Driveway & Path Cleaning & Maintenance

Over time, patios, driveways and paths can build up a patina that can be slippery as well as unsightly. Whether your outside area is stone, block paved, concrete or tarmac, it can look better and be safer with a thorough clean.

Oil stains can generally be removed from driveways with the appropriate degreaser while cement and similar stains will need to be removed mechanically before cleaning can take place. We will be happy to quote for any such additional work that is necessary.

For block pavers, we also offer sanding and re-sealing services to keep them looking good for longer. This is usually done on a different day to cleaning as pavers have to be dry before they can be sanded.

The cost of cleaning is based on the material and the area concerned, so to get a competitive quote for cleaning, simply call us on the number shown or click in the header of any page to send us an email with the area and surface material.

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